Help Us Recycle and Fundraise for Charity Central Canberra Dentists has teamed up with Colgate and Terracycle! We are now part of the Oral Care Product Recycling program. You can now donate your used oral care products and packing here. You can help save the planet and aid people in need Points are given for each kilogram of waste submitted. Those points are then converted into donations for charity. Below is an example of what you can drop off:    Read More →

Fight plaque and decay with oral care products recommended by Dr Lois Jun

Your healthy smile is our priority. To assist you, Dr Jun has selected a range of oral care products that she recommends for regular use: toothpaste, whitening products, mouth rinse, floss, intraoral brushes, and toothbrushes. For your convenience, we have set up a display cabinet so that you can read about the features and benefits of each item before or after your next visit. We look forward to seeing you soon! Products Available: Tooth Mousse and Tooth Mousse Plus NeutraFluor 5000 Plus Clinpro Tooth Crème Chlorofluor mouth rinse Caredent Intraoral Brush Tooth Pick Erskine Pikster Intraoral Bruth Tooth Pick Toothbrushes – Adult Caredent Super SensitiveRead More →

Cold Sore Laser Treatment

Introduction Commonly known as Cold Sores or Fever Blisters, herpes labialis is an infection that affects primarily the lips and surrounding area. It is an annoying ailment that easily passes from one person to another by kissing or sharing personal items. At least 75% of Australians carry the herpes simplex virus (1). After infection, the virus lays dormant and can flare up again later. It generally takes 10-14 days for cold sore symptoms to resolve and to heal. Cold Sore laser treatment significantly reduces cold sore infection, promotes healing and reduces pain. Treatment: Act Fast The sooner you act when you can tell a coldRead More →

Your teeth perform a vital function during eating: to make food more manageable for the digestive system. Protecting your teeth and maintaining them will improve your health and well-being. Brushing and flossing may be the first that that come to mind when you think about caring for your teeth, however this article is going to focus on a perhaps overlooked aspect of taking care of your teeth: Nutrition, or what you should eat to strengthen your teeth. Getting a daily dose of vitamin A, various B vitamins, C and D, as well as calcium, iron, protein and zinc is crucial to your dental health. DrinkingRead More →

Good dental health is important not just for our teeth and gums, but for our overall health as well. Regular cleanings and check-ups helps to minimise your risk for painful treatments such as extractions or root canals. General advice is to see your dentist twice a year for a check-up and clean. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 30% of Australian adults have untreated tooth decay and about half of children aged 12 have dental decay in their permanent teeth. Nearly two-thirds of Australians regularly attend their dentists, with over half of Australian’s going back to the same dentist. (1) Studies regarding theRead More →