Teeth Whitening

We do Internal tooth whitening (internal bleaching). This is normally recommended when the tooth is non-vital after the root canal treatment. The bleaching agent is put in the prepared inner cavity of the tooth and sealed. Depending on whether we are happy with the result, this procedure can be repeated or stopped and finalized with tooth color filling.

Home Whitening Kits

If you are not satisfied with the shade or color of your teeth, using home-bleaching trays with bleaching gels would be very handy for you. You then have complete control of the shade of your teeth, as you can bleach your teeth whenever or for how long you like. It requires two visits as we need to involve outside laboratory technicians to make bleaching trays.

Tooth mousse plus/Tooth mousse

These are creams derived from the milk protein, Casein Phosphopeptide (CPP-APP), and also contain Fluoride. CPP-APP facilitates the remineralisation process by readily delivering bio-available calcium and phosphate ions. We recommend Tooth mousse plus for adults and Tooth mousse for children as their concentrations of Fluoride are different from each other. They are known to be good for patients with receding gums, erosion, hypersensitivity and dry mouth. They do require your vigilant compliance, as you are asked to apply them every day for a period of time, once you start using them.

NeutraFluor 5000 Plus

This is toothpaste with highly concentrated Fluoride, as it contains five times more fluoride ions (5000ppm) than ordinary toothpastes do (1000ppm). It is known to be good for patients with erosion and hypersensitivity as well as patients with dry mouth to a lesser extent. It can be used as daily tooth paste and works best when you don’t rinse with water after brushing.

Chlorofluor mouthrinse

This is known to be very good in patients with periodontitis (gum disease) or people who aren’t able to perform daily tooth brushing (eg. elderly, mental disability, people in bed or in hospital). It contains Chlohexidines which are bacteriostatic (preventing growth/multiplication of bacteria) and also helps to prevent plaque build-up around teeth. It does require your determined diligence, as it tastes bitter and does cause staining of your teeth. Staining is easily removed by professional cleaning and scaling.