Cold Sore Laser Treatment

Cold Sore Laser Treatment


Commonly known as Cold Sores or Fever Blisters, herpes labialis is an infection that affects primarily the lips and surrounding area. It is an annoying ailment that easily passes from one person to another by kissing or sharing personal items. At least 75% of Australians carry the herpes simplex virus (1). After infection, the virus lays dormant and can flare up again later. It generally takes 10-14 days for cold sore symptoms to resolve and to heal. Cold Sore laser treatment significantly reduces cold sore infection, promotes healing and reduces pain.

Treatment: Act Fast

The sooner you act when you can tell a cold sore is starting the quicker you can recover from the infection. Often a tingling or burning sensation can be felt in the area prior to the appearance of erythema and blisters.

Laser treatment of a cold sore significantly reduces infection time and recovery. The laser treatment removes the infection and allows the healing process to begin.

Treatment is not painful

Only a slight warming or tingling sensation can be felt from the laser treatment. Treatment does not take long, only a few minutes. You will not need any numbing or pain management.

High Success Rate

Most cases are resolved after only one laser treatment (3). Success is higher among patients who seek treatment at the onset of cold sore symptoms. Multiple treatments may be necessary.

Faster healing as laser treatment boosts collagen formation

Laser treatment has several benefits for your skin activating electron transport driving the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), nitric oxide release, increasing blood flow, and boosting formation of collagen (2). This causes your cells to repair faster speeding up the healing process.

No scarring

Laser treatment does not cause scarring of the skin tissue. The collagen boosting effect of the laser treatment will help prevent scarring caused by the cold sore blisters. Once the treatment is complete, continue to monitor the area and to apply a topical cream or ointment.

Pain reduced or eliminated after treatment

Patients who have had laser treatment of cold sores report that pain from the cold sore is significantly reduced or eliminated directly following treatment. Most patients also reported elimination of blister formation (3).

Reduces flare-ups

Because the herpes virus stays dormant in the facial nerves, there is a chance that it can flare up again later. In areas where laser treatment is applied, reoccurrence is significantly reduced.

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